Introducing Tip of the Clouds

This is Tip of the Clouds, a publication focused on cloud storage & communication between systems and people. It will serve as a resource for enterprise IT professionals.

The first category (CRM) will go over 50% cloud in 2016. There are now 42+ public cloud companies, up 160% in 3 years and 2000 SaaS companies doing $1m annually.

Being on the ground at Dropbox, we’re fortunate enough to see how 400 million people, 8 million businesses & 300,000 developer teams across all business units and industries are transforming how work gets done. Previously, I’ve founded 2 cloud companies — a freemium hosting product for blogs in 2000 and a Facebook platform company. Information is the lifeblood of a business so the goal is to start a conversation that delves into the future of information — where the future is people-first. Where the future of information is simple seamless, and collaborative.

Posts here will be in the form of long form articles, bi-weekly news summaries, interviews and commentaries. If you’re interested in contributing or just want to share something cool, please email at

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