5 Best Animal Rescue Charities

Michael Taggart
Jun 23 · 4 min read
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When you are looking for charities to donate to, animal rescues are very popular. It’s a heartwarming gesture that will make you feel your money is going to a good cause. There are many to choose from, from your local shelter to large animal sanctuaries.

Some rescue bats, cats, dogs, horses, turtles, birds, wildlife and some rescue any and all. They are always open to donations and volunteers. It’s always a good idea to research the charity you are considering donating to or volunteering at. There may be policies that you don’t know about and may not be comfortable supporting.

Here are a few of some better-known places to get you started.


This is a well-recognized name all over. Founded in 1866 with humble beginnings, they have grown to serve millions of animals over the years. They don’t stop at animal rescue, but supply medical attention, recovery, animal placement and provide spay and neuter clinics.

The ASPCA are actively involved in education regarding animal protection, safety and rescue. This extends to any animal in need. In any type of natural disaster, you will always see their teams there helping animals who were left behind, misplaced or separated from their families.

Friends of Animals

Begun as a spay and neuter organization for pets, they have since grown to include feral animals, as well. They are a large voice for all animals, including advocating against the exploitation of animals. This means animals used for fur, as slave-labor, food and entertainment.

They are very active in the fight to change the legislation regarding the treatment of animals, all animals and the need for their rights. They strongly believe in educating the public about all issues regarding the treatment of animals.

Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary

While this charity is fairly new, it has had a big impact. In 2012, a couple adopted what they believed to be a micro pig. Little did they know, this would change their lives, and the lives of other animals forever.

They sold their townhouse and moved to a farm, where little piglet Ester, now nearing 700 pounds could roam freely. They take on all sorts of farm animals in need of a new home of rescuing. Dogs, cats, cows, pigs, chickens.

They are quite the social media darlings and have changed the way people see one animal as a pet and another as food. It’s a great story of kindness and animal rights.

4 Paws for Ability

This is not only a great rescue mission but they provide a future for the animal, as well. They find shelter dogs and rehome them. They also teach them new tricks, so to speak.

They can learn to be a companion dog for people with disabilities. Seeing-eye dogs, therapy dogs and great companion dogs for elderly and children alike. They are trained to keep kids safe from epilepsy, issues with autism and anxiety. These dogs make a world of difference for the person they are paired with and the dogs.

The Humane Society

One of the most well-known charities worldwide, the Humane Society provides protections and well-being for domestic and wild animals. From an abandoned kitten to elephants under the strain of poachers, the Humane Society is there. Expect to see them during massive storms and other natural disasters, helping all pets, farm animals and wildlife find safety and shelter.

They provide protection and shelter for rescued animals, fight legislation to get laws changed, educate the public about factory farming, fur and fight the good fight to end suffering for all animals. This means legislators, large corporations and city bylaws.

They are growing all the time and their reach is long. They currently have programs for animal protection in over 20 countries. They love to hear from animal lovers and you can show your appreciation through gifts of money or time.

Animals Matter

There are many ways you can support your favorite animal rescue charity, by donating money, food and supplies and even your time. Of course, adopting an animal from a shelter is the ultimate contribution. Ask anyone who has ever adopted an animal whose living conditions were poor and you will understand what an impact you will have.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their policies, where their donation money goes and anything about their history. Their home page of their website will have their charity registration number. If you don’t see it, or can’t find it, it may not be all it’s meant to be.

Even volunteering to help walk dogs, clean cages or play with kittens is a big help for most of these organizations. There are plenty to choose from, so make your contribution count by finding the one that matters most to you.

You can volunteer to do outreach in your own neighborhood, looking for animals in distress, homeless dogs and cats who need food and shelter. You may find them pregnant or with a new litter and by taking them in or to the shelter, you save several lives.

It’s easy to feel your heartstrings tugged when the ad has a sad-looking puppy, but not all charities are alike. As always, the best place to start is close to home.

Check out your local animal rescue shelter to visit animals, adopt a pet or volunteer to help out. They always need an extra pair of hands and you will find the experience extremely rewarding. Who knows, you may just meet the next love of your life.

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