5 Best Beaches in Venezuela

Michael Taggart
Jun 23 · 5 min read

The world’s filled with beautiful beaches from the Americas to Asia. These simple locations, made up of nothing but sand and sea, can mean so much, and give so many people such huge amounts of joy. Whether you just want to get away from it all and forget about the stresses of modern life or just need a sunny spot to enjoy some sand and surf, there is always the beach. Lots of people like to choose destinations with beautiful beaches when planning summer holidays, but a common problem with this is that many locations simply become too popular to cope with all the crowds.


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Madrisqui is found at El Gran Roque Island and is loaded with some of the softest white sands you’ll ever see in your lifetime. Could almost confuse the sand here for sugar, it’s so fine and powdery, and the waters are also breathtaking. The waves here are very gentle, and the waters off the coast are shallow, making this one of the best family beaches in Venezuela, offering just the right conditions for young kids to splash around. It’s also possible to enjoy fishing on this beach, and it’s not unusual to see angling enthusiasts throwing out their lines to see what they can reel in. Another good thing about Madrisqui is that there are some great bars and restaurants in the local area, so you can have a full day here and never go hungry.

Cayo de Agua

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Located in the National Park of Los Roques, Cayo de Agua offers a long, slim stretch of soft white sand and really feels like your own private tropical island. It is a popular Venezuelan beach, but there is plenty of room here, so it never gets too crowded or noisy, allowing tourists to just lie down, relax and listen to the gentle splash of the waves. Walking along the sandbar can be fun too, and it’s a great place to snap some images, but here the tide can be unpredictable so it’s important to always pay attention. Nonetheless, there are no toilets or facilities here, so it is good for a couple of hours but not suitable for a full day.

Mochima National Park

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If you are on the Venezuelan mainland looking for a good resort, check out Mochima National Park. This preserved area is found on the northeast coast and offers some truly world-class, postcard-style views in every direction, with lots of forests, hills, and vegetation all around. You can see plenty of wildlife here and there are some sandy spots to explore too. Snorkeling, swimming, and even scuba diving can be enjoyed in Mochima National Park, and local businesses tour the area and nearby islands on boat trips.

Playa El Yaque

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On Margarita Island, Playa El Yaque is one of Venezuela’s top tourist beaches, and has many great amenities to match its reputation. Lots of high quality hotels, restaurants, shops and private rental locations can be found around this beach and it is an exceptionally popular water sports spot in Venezuela. Due to the big waves and strong winds, the likes of kitesurfing and windsurfing can be experienced here, but it is also a nice beach for rest and relaxation. Crowds are gathering here at busy times of the year, but it’s a big beach and everyone has more than enough space.

Isla El Faro

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If you happen to be staying in or near the stunning port city of Puerto la Cruz, Isla El Faro will be one of the most accessible beaches for you. This golden sand beach is nicely protected by the curved formation of the coastline, resulting in very calm, warm waters that are ideal for people of all ages to paddle, wade, and swim. Lots of little boats can be seen sitting just off the shore as well and there’s a little dock to walk out on. The beach is fitted out with plenty of umbrellas and shady spots, with some good restaurants nearby too. The local area also features some scenic hiking and climbing trails, so there’s a lot to do on this Venezuela beach.

More Thoughts

Too much noise can ruin a beach’s relaxing atmosphere, so seeking the lesser-known locations can be a smart idea, with South American countries such as Venezuela being key examples. Located on the continent’s northern coast, Venezuela has borders with Colombia, Guyana, Brazil, and Trinidad and Tobago, as well as a long coastline facing both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The territory of Venezuela also contains several small islands and islets in the Caribbean Sea, which means this nation has a huge number of beautiful beaches just waiting to be explored.

Venezuela has such a long list of beautiful beaches, it would simply be impossible to list them all and you would need a whole lifetime to enjoy each. So to help you narrow down your search and find the right beach for you, we’ve put together this beach guide from Venezuela. You can find below key details and overviews of some of Venezuela’s best beaches, with useful information about the facilities and activities that can be enjoyed at each venue.

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