5 Best Mobile Strategy Games

Michael Taggart
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4 min readJun 23, 2020


The times when mobile games were restricted to puzzlers and platformers are long gone. Today, modern developers are designing and creating cutting-edge RPDs that are exclusive to mobile phones. Among these games are strategy games that have become a popular category among various players. If you love strategy games that make you think deeply and plan carefully, here are the best five.

The Battle for Polytopia

If you fancy the civilization franchise or admire characters such as Lego, The Battle for Polytopia is one game that will excite you. This game involves polygon tribes that battle to take control of the battle arena. It boasts turn-based gameplay, where each turn gives you the chance to pick stars based on the size and number of cities that you have managed to control. You can then use the stars to perfect your tribe by building troops, amassing resources, or upgrading the technology tree of your tribe.

Players can choose various modes of play for this game. For starters, you can play solo by creating a personalized game that concludes 30 turns, or you can battle it up until you remain with one tribe. You can also switch to the pass-and-play multiplayer option that allows you to customize a game with friends and save it so that you can keep playing overtime. The game boasts interactive graphics and vibrant colors that are sure to set the right mood for fast-paced action.

Clash of Clans

Despite being in the mobile gaming industry for several years, Clash of Clans hasn’t lost its allure, grandeur, and potency. Besides being one of the most popular strategy games, Clash of Clans brings real competition straight to your mobile device. It involves clan wars in a multiplayer environment where every player is given the responsibility of taking care of a village. Players have to manage defenses, collect resources, and create a strong army.

The fun part is when you get to conduct attacks on other players in your league. If you manage to attack another player successfully, you can steal some stuff, which you can use to strengthen your village. The one aspect that seems to disappoint many players is the fact that there is no one to one battle. However, you must manage your army correctly, keeping in mind that your opponent also has a strong defense. While the game can now be considered as a cult classic, it is one strategy game that is still fun to play.


Have you ever viewed yourself as a dictator? Well, Tropico gives you the chance to be one. The game allows you to step into the shoes of a dictator president who runs a Caribbean island paradise. You will play the role of El Presidente enshrined with the task of leading your country and its citizens toward prosperity. As the president, you will need to manage all aspects of life and society. These include building infrastructures such as roads and buildings, creating training camps and schools for your citizens, building industries and farms, and managing the economy.

In the same line, you will have to negotiate export and import deals with other countries, attend to the political needs of the island, improve the quality of life, and manage expectations by ensuring that protests don’t turn into rebellions. This game calls for a lot of strategic thinking for you to accomplish all the things you are required to do. You will have to work closely with advisors who will discern brewing issues and bring them to your attention. To solve problems in your backyard, you have to decide whether to take a hardline and show people your powers or take a benevolent approach. If you believe you can cope with the scale and scope of this game, you better download it and get started.

Mushroom Wars 2

Mushroom Wars 2 is an award-winning and thrilling strategy game that gives you the chance to control tiny armies of mushroom soldiers both in online and offline wars. The game boasts crisp graphics and intuitive gameplay, and its ultimate goal is for you to have total domination. In this game, you need to organize your troops well so that you can move across the map as you seize strategic mushroom huts and other existing structures. During the journey, you will be required to mount a strong defense against your enemies, who will also be looking to take over the mushroom huts.

Players will have to choose a favorite tribe from four Mushroom tribes provided in the game, but the real excitement is felt when you get into the multiplayer mode. However, the most challenging aspect is to maintain the wit required to build morale, balance your troop levels, and provide unique skills that allow you to edge the opponents. While the cutesy characters in the game might be confusing, it is a perfect play for strategic thinkers.

Plant vs. Zombies

From the name itself, you can determine that Plants vs. Zombies is a game that will require a strategic approach more than uncalculated risk. The game is based on cards, and it involves a continuous battle between zombies and plants. As a player, you need to protect your lawn against zombies by making sure that you kill them before they step inside your land.

The latest update of Plant vs. Zombies includes new characters and bosses, as well as an upgraded style of play that makes the game more exciting. If you enjoy playing mobile games that are entertaining but require a punch of strategy, Plant vs. Zombies is an ideal choice.