Twitch Polls Widget is out!

Jan 15 · 2 min read

Hello Streamers!

It’s been some time now that Twitch allows you to create polls. These are usefull to get your viewers feedback, depending on what you are using poll for.

You are lost in your game and you don’t really know which path to turn? or which character to play ? Maybe you just can’t read your chat because it’s scrolling too fast and you need everyone’s opinion? Go create a Twitch poll and your viewer will participate to let you know what to do! Convenient right?

Isn’t it gorgeous?

So how does it work? How can I make a poll to get the viewers’ feedback?

When you set-up a poll, a modal is displayed on your chat window. Your viewers (or yourself !) can vote by selecting the option and clicking the vote button. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Create one poll is as easy as voting in.

Ok that’s very nice, but what’s the point with our new widget you must be thinking?

You maybe noticed that when your poll is created on Twitch, it will only be displayed on the chat, which can be kind of sad. With this amazing Poll widget, it will be display on your stream screen!

How to proceed with our new widget?

First, be connected to your Tipeeestream dashboard. In your tools menu on the left side, just click on “Twitch Polls”, then “Add New” to create a new poll.

New Twitch Polls Widget on TipeeeStream

To be sure that the poll will fit perfectly in your scene, next step is to customize your Font and Main Color. You can also extend the duration of the results on your stream, or display it forever (until you mute this Twitch Poll widget in your OBS software).

Obviously, you can customize an opening and closing animation among a large choice.

Customize your Widget!

If you are really proud of your creation or just need to keep those information display on your screen, you can also keep it even if the timer is ended.

Finally, add your widget URL to your OBS software and you can now create Polls directly on Twitch and make it appear to your chat AND STREAM without any additional click.

Good luck, have fun!

-TipeeeStream Team



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