Our Reflections on Charlottesville

Vigil in Charlottesville, Virginia (August, 2017). Photo credit: Huffington Post.

In light of the horrors that took place earlier this month in Charlottesville, we gathered as a team to express our thoughts and feelings, and to talk about our responsibility to condemn hate, violence and bigotry.

It was a hard conversation, an important conversation. We know that what happened in Charlottesville isn’t unique to Charlottesville. As Americans with a common history and a shared future, we can and must stand up to fight racism and dismantle systems of white supremacy. This work demands actions big and small, every day.

Here are a few resources we discussed and some of the places we’ve turned for further insight over the past couple weeks:

We know that poverty and race are inextricably linked. We are proud to work in solidarity with our grantees, partners and supporters, and with all those who remain committed to creating a more accepting, more inclusive, more just Bay Area.

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