Maurice Wigley
Feb 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Sto-rox school’s principal Maurice Wigley has a sincere Education Leader held several administrative positions and has been involved in many facets of education. His approach to families and communities can be described as open and transparent because he believes that parents are important partners in education.

Maurice Wigley Knows the job of Principal is surely a big one, but also one that can be incredibly satisfying for the right type of person. Learn five qualities of a great elementary school principal to identify if this career direction would be a good option for you.

Qualities of a Great Elementary School Principal- Maurice Wigley

1. Excellent Leader

A principal is in demand of all faculty, staff, and learners in the school, so if you want to be efficient in this part, you must have strong management skills. You will be the 1st to get credit every time the elementary school does something great, but you will also have to take the heating for failures. Be ready to put everyone else’s requires ahead of your own and regularly work to create good changes at your school. As the head of the institution, its achievements or failure is in your hands, so you must be prepared to take charge.

2. People Person

You can not run a school from at the rear of a desk. As the principal, you require to regularly make your existence known. The more efforts you put into receiving to know the student and teacher, the better the effect you will be able to create. Expand time out in the halls between times, sit in on classroom coaching, be present at school events and anything else you can do to be positively involved. The very simple act of smiling at men and women, saying hello in the hallways and dealing with everyone with respect can set a tone of positivity for the whole institution.

3. Fair and Reasonable

It’s people character to have favorites, but as the principal, you definitely cannot give anyone preferential therapy. You will quickly discredit on your own as a fair head if School students notice everybody is not being treated similarly. For example, if two students who have never earlier been in trouble get into a battle, you can not you give one detention and suspend the other, basically because one is on the respect roll. The same guideline applies to your therapy of teachers. For example, you can not grant a teacher you like authorization to take their classroom on an area trip and deny an identical demand by another teacher you do not care for.

4. Issue Solver

By Elementary Principal Maurice Wigley As the Elementary school principal, students, parents, teachers, faculty, and staff members will all view you as the best problem solver. While you can not be predicted to resolve every issue, you’ll regularly require to get engaged and help people find a solution to their issues. You will need to stay calm, consider all choices and offer a definitely unbiased viewpoint to negotiate the issue. It’s also up to you to motivate teachers to offer solutions to problems in the school, rather than based upon solely on you to begin change. This creates a lifestyle of people who want to contribute and make a variation, rather than waiting around for change to find them.

5. Exceptional Listener

You never ever know who is going to move into your office — and generally times it’s going to be anyone who isn’t too satisfied. As the principal, you require to let people know you care by hearing to what they have to say. Often times, you may be capable to dissipate the situation just by enabling the student, parent or guardian, teacher or staff member to vent. Hearing to a person creates them feel like the issue and it actually means a lot when they can get a few mins of the principal’s time.

Tips of Education | Maurice Wigley

Maurice Wigley Principal of Sto-rox school district Writing many Post in his Publication.

Maurice Wigley

Written by

Maurice Wigley began his career as a educational guider in Sto-rox school Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, USA in 2003.

Tips of Education | Maurice Wigley

Maurice Wigley Principal of Sto-rox school district Writing many Post in his Publication.

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