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Take ownership of the day🌎

Soft inhale. Slow exhale. You are deep in dreams. A fun, sexy spirit takes over!

Except the dream IS a reality and you are in Tipsy World. But first, you have to secure a place here. Hey, everybody needs to get one in order to start having fun: interact with others, solve quests and earn income.

Take ownership of the day:

👀 The first batch of Tipsy Land Parcels will soon be available! Buy your own piece of land or rent it from a landlord.

👀 Land Parcels will be unique NFTS and will grant you special access to TipsyWorld Features

Available Proprieties (NFTs):

🏴 1279 Slums (each can host up to 4 Tipsy avatars, value 50$ / parcel)

🏴 9 Eastern Towers (each can host up to 100 Tipsy avatars value 1000$ / parcel)

🏴 56 Dome 1 (each can host up to 10 Tipsy avatars, value 200$ / parcel)

🏴 94 Dome 2 (each can host up to 10 Tipsy avatars, value 100$ / parcel)

📌27Dec.21 The Private Session goes LIVE.

We want everything to go perfectly and to be able to control any possible situations, so we decided to postpone it for 3 days.

We will all be able to enjoy Christmas Holiday with our families.

Also, the Dev Team will be available in case of something.

We want to get started as soon as possible, but we must also take into account the community feedback.

Thank you very much for your feedback & understanding.




The first blockchain-based adult friendly entertainment platform

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