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Virtual land sale platform almost ready to πŸš€

Tipsy Metaverse is getting closer and closer to welcoming you into fully immersive mode.

The lands will include real estate, hotels, bars, clubs, gaming arenas, or theaters.

Users will pay small fees to get in and enjoy different services, just like in the real world!

You can own it. Borrow. Earn. Only on our Tipsy Marketplace. With these soon to be available properties (NFTs):

🏩 1279 Slums (each can host up to 4 Tipsy avatars, value 50$ / parcel)

🏩 9 Eastern Towers (each can host up to 100 Tipsy avatars value 1000$ / parcel)

🏩 56 Dome 1 (each can host up to 10 Tipsy avatars, value 200$ / parcel)

🏩 94 Dome 2 (each can host up to 10 Tipsy avatars, value 100$ / parcel)

πŸ“Œ27Dec.21 The Private Session goes LIVE.

If you invested more than $2000 in private sessions let us know and we will give you the credential for early access on 27 December.



The first blockchain-based adult friendly entertainment platform

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