Patch 1.135

Here is a sneak peak of the upcoming 1.135 update for TitanTF. This patch is set to drop on July 19, 2017.

Fetching Data on Connect

We will be reducing the number of queries done simultaneously upon a player connect. Upon connect, the server has to fetch a lot of player data such as all of their loadouts, their current wallet balance, their current total experience points and so on.

This patch aims to optimize this process and hopefully reduce the load on the database.

Loadout Caching

One of the slowest features for the store is the loadouts menu and this possibly marks the end of the suffering.

The server will now display a cached version of your loadouts which will not only improve the speed of drawing the loadouts menu but also drastically improve the performance of the database.

This also includes page navigating. Navigating through pages should be seemless.

Item Inspection Menus

Due to the loadout caching change, we are now able to draw the item inspection menus way faster. Previously we had to check the database if an item is currently equipped to decide whether to display the Unequip button before drawing the item inspection menu. Instead, we can now check from the cached loadouts of a player.

Unequipping Bug

When an item is equipped into a slot that it does not belong to, the server will not have an unequip button.

This patch aims to fix that and add an unequip button to items that were equipped into wrong slots. This will massively reduce the time players have to fix the issue than to re-equip every slot after pressing the unequip all button.

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