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Medium’s default publication about page is more like a publication masthead. It works great for a pub with a large staff, like The Ringer, for example. but it’s not so great for an ePortfolio about page.

Good news!

Medium’s already got everything you need. Just create a New Story and call it About or About Glenn or something like that. Then add words, pix, vids, contact info, terms of use, whatever you like. When your About Page is ready, just add it as a single page to your Publication Navigation and you’re good to go.

So good! :)

About Glenn

Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. I’m an Artist & Arts Educator in Los Angeles.

Love Beach — on the Saturday before Solstice, 17 June ’17, I invited visitors to Venice Beach, CA to write “I Love You” or express some idea about the bonds of humankind, on small posters in the sand.

In the past I’ve Painted Portraits, explored Abstraction & Representation, made Video Installations, and created Robot & Avatar artists. Today my work is predominantly Social Practice, a form that emphasizes community and connections.



Terms of Use

Creative Commons Attribution, 2017

“Intellectual Property” is an oxymoron. Knowledge & ideas multiply when you share them. So share freely!

Glenn Zucman
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