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This is what the Medium writing experience is like. Apparently you can now have your own custom domain and set columns and stuff.

I still kinda like writing in dual view Ghost.

Installing WP and choosing between 10,000 themes. You’d have to start from a more curated user experience. Default WordPress is not as good an experience as far as getting your publication up and running.


Is this great?

Now there’s a lot of overlap. You can create a layout on Medium now. Add header color. Size, title, logo… similar to the Customizer experience on WP but a little more intuitive. For sure it’s not something we should scoff at.

This is an H2

Compare WP to a proprietary product? The requirements in that comparison are coming from Medium. You can’t take something from WP and say “how would you do this in Medium?”

Not sure if it’s WordPress’ job to outperform Medium. We’re subjugating Medium to its niche.

#1 Student Maddy Braverman

That was easy.

Chunking together building blocks.

Note that it seems like Maddy’s photo was too small and Medium doesn’t always use it. Let’s put something bigger here so Medium can grab it for a Featured Image when it wants one:

OMG Starbucks! I should be at Bake Code!

This is a new part! :)

Party. Part. Whatever!

Front End Experience?

Writing on Mobile?

Completely WYSIWYG experience?

So many different viewing experiences — still necessary to have a separate, agnostic, writing experience (vs eg Front End editing that makes / implies promises.)

Medium is very subtly admin-like.

Calypso — new WP editor in progress, check it out.

Surprised Matt was as dismissive of Medium as he was. WP publishing experience. WP.com is more like Medium than it is like WP.org! I need to spend a few with WP.com!

Yes, Medium indeed is a nice place to write. I haven’t spent much time here but it is growing on me! :)

Choosing which Admin style you want could be part of the new site experience.

Medium Editor.

You could build Telegram on WordPress. Invite peeps to communicate with you via the Vienna app. We’re getting to the point where peeps are becoming aware of using WP as a framework — but you have to build a lot of low level stuff yourself. Can we make a broader product for some of those use cases?

They’re right, Medium is pretty nice.

Update: 1 May ‘17

Bridget just mentioned hating the Medium Writing experience… huh… said she’s 44 and has to use reading glasses (duh, me too! :P But this seems so much bigger and clearer than WordPress… I’m not clear on what’s to “hate” here? You might prefer self-hosting or the CMS-ability of WP et al, but IDK how this is a poor writing experience. From his blogging, it certainly seems that John O’Nolan is threatened by Medium. And Ghost *is* a great writing experience. Oh, *is*… huh… how **do** you italicize here… oh, highlight and right-click. Easy. But that requires mousing. Yes it’s easy and contexty… but there must be a way to B/I without taking your hands off the keyboard, right? Ah, Ctrl-B / Ctrl-I. Got it. This is bold. And then, this is italic. OK, not to be too picky, but Markdown’s * & ** are easier than having to reach for a Ctrl / Cmd key combo. Still, Medium seems friendly to me.