Let’s forget about gun control.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, “Untitled” (Portrait of Ross in L.A.), 1991, multicolored candies, ideal weight 75 lb, dimensions variable © The Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation. Photo: USA Today.

I live in a deeply conservative country.

I live in a Christian Nation. We prefer The Bible over science. We believe that God is male, and that he does not want women to have the right to choose.

In my country we believe that guns make us free.

Sometimes my Progressive friends and I look at elections in France, or Germany, and take hope in those results. But we shouldn’t. We don’t live there.

Sometimes my Progressive friends and I think that a woman should have reproductive freedom. Sometimes we argue that guns kill people. Or that British ships are unlikely, at this late date, to invade and try to recolonize North America. We are deeply incorrect.

As long as my Progressive friends and I insist on politicians who support Gun Control, we will lose. We lost in November 2016, and much as my friends and I think Donald Trump’s presidency is an unprecedented disaster, his party has, in fact, won all of the congressional elections since then. The American voters do not think the Trump Presidency is a disaster. The American voters are happy with their President, and happy with Republicans controlling every branch of government, and they are reaffirming that fact with every election.

Let’s forget about Gun Control.

We can’t win this. Paul Ryan and his colleagues were appropriately outraged when a deranged gunman shot at congresspeople. But they didn’t note that UPS workers were shot in San Francisco the same day.

Conservatives argue,

Guns don’t kill people, people do.

Although it might sound correct, it’s completely wrong. I could say,

Cell phones don’t send text messages, people do.

And that also sounds correct. And that also is completely wrong.

Yes, the people of 2017 send a lot of text messages. But if all the cell phones vaporized today, the people of 2017 would carry on living nonetheless. It is not the people who send the messages, it is the phones that afford the messages.

Teleport back to 1950. Witness a generation of people who lived and died without ever sending a single text message. Productive, happy lives. Now drop a bunch of cell phones on 1950. They will send a billion text messages. It is the technology.

A 6,000-year-old Egyptian love poem reads like it could have been written yesterday. Biologically we are no different than our ancestors. Our lives, our consciousness, and our reality are different because our technology is different.

Clay tablet technology affords writing.

Cell phone technology affords text messages.

Gun technology affords death.

Of course guns kill people. Last year there were 2 gun deaths 2 houses over from me. Friends were drinking and got into an argument about 10:30pm. One shot the other. Then he called a bunch of people and left them voice mails, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Then he shot himself.

Two people in their early 30’s dead because of guns. Without guns they’d both be alive and might simply have had black eyes the next morning.

Guns kill people. But that doesn’t matter. As long as Progressives push a Gun Control agenda, we will lose. President Trump and his Republican congress are almost done taking Health Care away from 23 million Americans. How many of those 23 million Americans will die sooner than they would have under a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency?

The President’s tax cut proposal is the largest redistribution of wealth from the many to the few in American history. His massive tax cut goes almost entirely to the richest 1% of Americans, yet the other 99% of us back this President, yes partly because of the fantasy of more Coal jobs, but also because of social issues like Gun Control and American’s desire to have their interpretation of God’s will enforced in every bedroom in America.

As long as we obsess over issues like Gun Control we will lose. We don’t live in France. We live in a deeply conservative, Christian Nation. We should accept that fact. By compromising on issues we can’t win, we might be able to elect otherwise progressive candidates and do more good for more Americans.

Bill Clinton was never as progressive as Al Gore, or Hillary Rodham Clinton. But he powerfully understood one thing that they strayed from,

It’s the economy, stupid.