Young people love to support #TiwaleTogether

When Tiwale Community Based Organization was created in 2012, its founding members were between the ages of 14 and 19, and their number one goal was to help other young people like themselves. Now it’s 2016 and teenagers and young adults all around the world have caught on to Tiwale’s mission and want to join in. People who love Tiwale love supporting young people in their educational and entrepreneurial endeavors. And people who love Tiwale know that they can show their support by purchasing one of the beautiful handmade tie-dye fabrics created by Malawian women as a part of one of Tiwale’s business startups.

Here are some photos of Tiwale’s tie-dyed fabrics hanging on full display in the spaces young people call home. Take a look, and if you like what you see, head over to Tiwale’s INDIEGOGO to get your own!

My dorm room, as awesome decorations / wall hangs!

— Melina Baron-Deutsch, South Hadley, MA

I use my Tiwale fabric as colorful wall decor in my dorm room.

— Juliet, South Hadley, MA

We find that [the fabrics] add a warm and comforting feel to our waiting room and we also have a plaque underneath the one pictured describing the project.

— Counseling Services, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

Tule Horton, San Francisco, CA

The fabric above my bed was a gift from Tiwale women. It was in our first batch, it’s an Africa pattern. This piece was made when our design project was a pilot. We were risking all our savings venturing into a new project. The piece reminds me that when we are in it together as a community we can accomplish anything.

— Ellen Chilemba, Tiwale Founder, South Hadley, MA


If you have images of your Tiwale fabrics, send them to and we’ll feature them in our next article!

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