Integration with Eventbrite

We are announcing with great pleasure that we have deployed our first integration features with Eventbrite — the world’s friendliest ticket selling platform.

Eventbrite tickets account for more than 60% of Tixel listings so it made sense to make user experience of those who use both services better!

To start, head to your Personal settings — you will see an orange tab on your right hand side, offering you to connect Eventbrite account.

When you click on “Connect Eventbrite” button, you will be redirected to Eventbrite website where you will be prompted to authorise Tixel to access your order history (so that we can fetch ticket details automatically for you).

Once you connected your Eventbrite account, you can start using an alternative way to list tickets on Tixel–instead of uploading PDF files, you can click on “List it directly” on the upload page:

Quickly, we will fetch ticket details from Eventbrite, for forthcoming events only. Now, simply choose which tickets do you want to sell and what should be the listing price:

That’s it! Your ticket is listed. Re-selling Eventbrite has never been this easy!

Oh, there is one extra bonus. Now that your tickets have been 100% verified with the platform, your listings will get a special mark — a golden shield icon telling prospective buyers that this ticket is authentic.