Ticketing is Broken: 7 Companies That Will Sell Safe Tickets With Tixico in 2019

Having someone who believes in you and your idea is crucial. One may have the best idea in the history of the mankind, but if there aren’t others who are ready to believe in it and support it, most likely it’ll result in a failure. We understand that being among the first to adopt a new technology can be risky and is quite scary, but in the end, it’s all worth it.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that even before the official announcement of Tixico, there already were seven companies that understood how broken the ticketing market is at the moment and believed in our vision on how to fix these problems. These companies will be among the first to use Tixico once it’s released in 2019, thus guaranteeing that there will be more than 100 000 tickets sold safely and fairly in the first 12 months after the initial launch of the platform.

Our current partners are organizing events of various sizes, even for tens of thousands of attendees, in sports, entertainment and music industries. We are extremely proud to call each and every one of them our partners and hope that you’ll be just as excited in hearing about them as we are!

SynotTip Virslīga

SynotTip Virslīga is the top-tier of club football in Latvia. Starting from 2019 Tixico will be ticketing partner of the league, providing tickets for every match of the season.

FK Liepāja

FK Liepāja is one of the top football clubs in Latvia, being former UEFA Champions League and current UEFA Europa League participants. From 2019 Tixico will be the official ticketing partner of FK Liepāja, in addition to league games, providing tickets to their home games of European and domestic cup competitions.

Passport Productions

Passport Productions is an event planning agency that hosts various local and international music, sports and cultural events. Among their recently organized events are concerts of Grammy-nominated artist Candy Dulfer, 150 million record-selling pianist Richard Clayderman, charity basketball game based around NBA superstar Kristaps Porziņģis, and many others.

Austras balva

Austras balva is the Latvian equivalent of the Mercury Music Prize in the UK, an award given to the best album of the year in Latvia. From 2019 onwards, Tixico will be the official ticketing partner of this award.

Tims Mints

Tims Mints is a bar in Riga that almost daily hosts various concerts, art performances, plays, and stand-ups. Although nowadays most of these events are free of charge, in the future Tims Mints plans to host bigger events and Tixico will provide ticketing for them.


ParaPops is a music PR agency that provides a wide list of services for musicians and companies, from publicity to event hosting. From 2019 Tixico will provide ticketing to events organized by ParaPops.

Fuckup Nights Riga

Fuckup Nights Riga is part of the global movement that hosts regular events during which successful people share stories of their… Well, fuckups and mistakes. In 2019 Tixico will become their official ticketing partner.

So there we have it — these are the first seven of many more companies to come that already see how broken the ticketing industry is and wants to fix it in collaboration with Tixico. If you’re just like them, feel free to message us to sign up to use Tixico when it’s released. And if you’re simply interested in more details on the technology itself, different applications of it and functionalities as well as for information on how to become a part of the project, keep an eye on our blog, Facebook page, Twitter and visit us on Telegram.