Tixico moves to EOS

Hello everyone!

Long time no see! But don’t you worry because we haven’t been watching football or singing along our favorite bands at concerts this whole time. Nope, that’s not our case, because there is no time for us to do it when we are on a mission to fix the ticketing industry so all of you guys can purchase tickets to your favorite games and concerts on a safe, reliable and fair system.

So let’s get to the case.

Previously we mentioned that our tech team are currently making some changes in the previously presented architecture to make it faster, more dependable and overall better. Thank you for your patience and now we’re ready to announce what has been done during this time.

As you may know initially we decided to build our solution on Ethereum as at the time we found it to be the most suitable platform. However while developing Tixico our tech guys at one point realized that Ethereum doesn’t fulfill our needs and requirements anymore especially when looking forward to the future developments.

Although Ethereum is widely used and for many that is the obvious choice in the market as it has many great smart contract abilities, meanwhile the transaction speed is considerably lower than what our platform would require. This is one of the things we saw as an issue and had to do something about it.

We decided to make this step towards brighter future and switch to (epic drumroll…) EOS.

If you are interested in blockchain at all most probably you have heard about EOS before. They call themselves “The most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications”. Does this sound convincing? Well, EOS convinced us but not because of their cool slogan but because it does indeed provide several advantages over other platform.

Here are a couple of reasons why we decided to move to EOS and how it will help us in developing our platform.

  • Better performance and scalability to serve high demand

The promise is to scale enough for even millions of users to use it, and this crucial if a platform is meant to serve very high number of people all at once as it is with ticket selling when tens of thousands can simultaneously log on to make a transaction;

  • Low latency

Another important factor for ticketing platform as sometimes the first tickets get purchased within seconds, and the most passionate fans really do crave for a system that would work instantly and smoothly;

  • No transaction fees

That make for faster & cheaper development and an overall better user experience for the end user.

These are just few of the advantages EOS provides and make sure to check it out if you haven’t done it already. Overall better and faster performance that is achieved by providing parallel processing is still the one of the top priorities for us and our platform, hence this choice.

Together with platform improvements there come other news as well that will be announced in a couple of days! So stay tuned and don’t hesitate to reach us via Facebook, Twitter or Telegram.