Tixl Status Update #1

Sebastian Gronewold
May 3 · 4 min read

We are pleased to be able to report about the progress Tixl has made in recent weeks.


The month of March started with the launch of the Tixl website. We designed & programmed the website by ourselves. The programming part included the calculation of tokens distributed via the airdrop referral system and was a bit more elaborate.


Since we wanted to keep the budget low for marketing during the first weeks of the airdrop, we decided to publish Tixl only on some websites that list airdrops for free. This turned out to be a good decision. We recorded over 5,000 registrations and received a lot of feedback from the community which we incorporated quickly.

In the upcoming weeks, we will not explicitly start marketing campaigns for the Airdrop but will concentrate on the marketing for the ICO. Most likely this will indirectly lead to additional registrations for the airdrop.

Ledger Development

We made good progress in developing our NTRU based cryptosystem. In fact, we already managed to implement a Typescript prototype that was able to encrypt and decrypt transaction amounts via NTRU.


We attended two meetups in Singapore. One was the Blockchain Demystified Finale: What’s Next For Blockchain? by SGinnovate Singapur and the other one was a meetup with the founder of Zcash. Especially the latter was really inspiring for Tixl and tanked up motivation even a bit more.


In April our focus was on starting the ICO which took most of the first half month. Furthermore, we commissioned a company to audit our whitepaper so that we could improve our concept and public appearance even more for the first and following ICO phases.


Our ICO started on April 15. Until now, we did not start with marketing efforts. Mainly that’s because we have a huge update on our whitepaper coming within the next 2 weeks. This update will include a market overview, technical details, a roadmap and more content that explains the Tixl idea in a much better way. However, we already raised some money by early-stage investors that stumbled across Tixl in the web or signed up for the airdrop.


More or less spontaneously we attended the ANON Blockchain Conference in Vienna from April 2–3.

To get some more feedback regarding the idea of Tixl we took part in the pitch challenge where we competed with other startups from the crypto industry. We had 10 minutes to pitch Tixl in front of the conference audience and some VCs. Even though we had some strong competitors, at the end of the day we could win the pitch challenge 🎉 If you are interested in the conference you can find a recap and also an interview with us at BTC TV on YouTube.


We commissioned the company AmaZix to audit the Tixl idea and concept according to our whitepaper. Even though AmaZix reported several parts in which we had to improve our whitepaper and make things clearer, the idea itself was not critiqued and so we are even more confident that we are doing the right thing. Right now we are putting as much work as possible into incorporating the audits feedback to really deliver the best package of whitepaper, executive summary, website and pitch deck.

Ledger Development

After being able to encrypt and decrypt transactions with NTRU in March we now started to implement the ledger data structure also based on Typescript. Additionally, we spent a lot of time to implement zero-knowledge proofs based on NTRU. Since we could not find any open source work that would fit Tixl’s requirements, our cryptographer sat together with our engineers to implement a self-developed zero-knowledge proof implementation based on NTRU. We already made good progress but as of today we did not finish the first version and so it would be too early to go into detail.


We don’t want to go into detail but teaser a few topics that you can expect in the next status update.

  • ICO marketing strategy and summary of the first ICO weeks
  • Prototype implementation status/update on zero-knowledge proofs with NTRU
  • Results of the next conferences and pitches


Tixl is tomorrow’s cryptocurrency.  —  https://www.tixl.me

Thanks to Gigo Bernack.

Sebastian Gronewold

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Co-Founder & Managing Partner @Tixl @elbstack


Tixl is tomorrow’s cryptocurrency.  —  https://www.tixl.me