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Aug 28 · 2 min read
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It’s almost time! The Tixl Token [MTXLT] will be listed on Binance DEX. In the past few hours, the question that is being asked most is:

What will the Circulating Supply be at the Beginning?

First, let’s define how the circulating supply is calculated. The circulating supply is the number of tokens that have been distributed so far and can theoretically be traded directly on the market. Part of this supply is owned by Tixl gGmbH and its founders, and we wanted to be transparent and provide links to these wallets below.

Tixl gGmbH Wallets

Issuer Wallet:

Hot Wallet:

Cold Wallet:

Founder Wallets:

Token Freezing

It’s important to let you know that the tokens held in the wallets above are not being included in the circulating supply. We have frozen the tokens.


The Binance Chain is continually being developed. TimeLocks are a relatively new feature. We will investigate this feature and may well replace the token freezing with TimeLocks for the founder wallets.

Circulating Supply

At the time of listing, the circulating supply is ~38,357 MTXLT. The circulating supply will increase slightly over the coming days and weeks, as more purchases take place after today’s token distribution. Also, and not all investors have entered their Binance Chain address - this will also have a small effect on the supply.

Update September 4, 2019: ~40,037 MTXLT


Tixl is tomorrow’s cryptocurrency.  —

Christian Eichinger

Written by

Tixl Co-Founder (


Tixl is tomorrow’s cryptocurrency.  —

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