Goodbye Binance DEX, hello Binance Smart Chain

The time has come to say goodbye.

It all started with the listing of our old MTXLT token on Binance DEX. Thank you Binance for the support!

With our new token, TXL, now live as our flagship token, we have decided to delist MTXLT at the beginning of January 2021. Not only will this provide more clarity for new investors, but this can also/will add more volume to the TXL trading and stop the option for small arbitrage trading.

Our ultimate goal was always to have one tradable token. This is the next step in this direction.

For MTXLT owners, there is still nothing you need to do. The bridge will remain accessible to swap MTXLT to TXL. The only change is that you will no longer be able to trade MTXLT on Binance DEX (which has recently suffered from insufficient liquidity anyway). And the bridge will not support swapping TXL to MTXLT.

  • If you want to hold MTXLT: Just hold; you can use the bridge at a later date
  • If you want to trade MTXLT: Use the bridge, get TXL and trade TXL

There is a huge amount of work and effort going into the bridge and DEX at the moment, with the plan to also list on Binance Smart Chain, in time. Preparations are almost done.

We are excited to kick off 2021 with this change. It is another positive step on the journey to make Tixl better - a journey we appreciate everyone taking with us!


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