NFT Airdrops will Change Modern Events Forever

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6 min readApr 4, 2022
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You have probably heard the word NFT by now and you might even have come across the word airdrop. In this article, we will walk you through NFTs, airdrops, and how they relate to modern events!

In this short article, you will learn

  • What is an NFT?
  • What is an airdrop?
  • What are NFT tickets?
  • How to use NFT tickets?
  • How NFT airdrops are disrupting events?

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for a non-fungible token, where the term ‘non-fungible’ denotes non-exchangeable. Which is the same as saying that it’s fully unique. The opposite, fungible, means that things are interchangeable. For example, if I give you one ten-dollar bill and you give me two five-dollar bills we both still have the same amount of money. However, if I have a 1/1 rare Charizard Pokemon card and you have a 1/1 Mona Lisa painting we can’t trade those with each other and still retain the same value. With NFTs, you can create non-fungible digital art and verify that it’s the 1/1 original just like with the Mona Lisa or the Charizard Pokemon card.

What is an airdrop?

An airdrop is something NFT creators can use to give things away for free to the current owner of their NFT. This can be anything from a new special NFT to a new cryptocurrency they have developed. Best of all? Airdrops are always free and there is no catch, just be available for it and make sure it is coming from someone legitimate!

How do NFTs relate to tickets?

NFT tickets might sound a bit intimidating at first, but they are quite simple and introduce immense value to everyone from event creators, to musicians, and attendees! By combining fungible and non-fungible elements we can create unique collections of digital objects that can be used as event tickets! For example, if we create a collection with 200 copies of the same NFT we can use that to verify if you own an entrance pass to the event or not. So instead of looking at a screenshot of your email or a paper ticket you just show your crypto wallet and it will reveal if you own any of the 200 NFT tickets we just created for the eve.

What are NFT Tickets?

NFT tickets are event tickets that also become unique digital collectibles that have much more utility than traditional tickets, and can potentially increase in value over time as a collectible. Here are the steps on how to purchase NFT tickets:

1. You need to create a crypto wallet. There are 1000s of alternatives out there on multiple blockchains and they all have their unique design and useability. Select one and back up all the secret passphrases.

2. You need some cryptocurrency before you can buy the ticket. What cryptocurrency should I buy? That depends entirely on what blockchain the event uses, so you need to figure that out and make sure you got the right wallet for it.

3. Buy cryptocurrency on an exchange like Coinbase using regular fiat money (Dollar, Pound, Euro, etc). Transferring money to an exchange can take days so make sure to plan your purchases accordingly.

4. After you have bought the right amount of cryptocurrency make sure prices haven’t changed. It has to be enough to cover both your ticket and the fees to transfer from Coinbase to the wallet you created for this specific event.

5. Buy the tickets you need, keep track of your wallet so you won’t lose the new cool ticket you’ve bought, and attend the event!

6. To attend the event you need to know how to login to your crypto wallet to verify ownership, for this you might need an extra app or some other event specific service.

There has to be an easier way of doing this right?

Of course! By using a platform like Tixy you can get all the benefits of blockchain and NFTs without any of the headaches we just described above! By using Tixy you buy and obtain tickets for your event in under a minute without knowing the first thing about either cryptocurrencies or blockchain. Here are the steps to buy tickets on the Tixy platform.

1. Create an account on with one click using Google or Apple

2. Buy tickets for the event you want to attend with whatever currency you want and we take care of the rest!

Tixy Marketplace for Buying Tickets:

No need to keep track of crypto wallets, different cryptocurrencies, or anything else it’s all there and just works! The NFT is found under “My tickets” in your profile and is proof of ownership for the ticket you just bought. If you want to put your NFT up for sale on Opensea or transfer it to another wallet Tixy allows you to do that with the click of a button. When you arrive at the event simply press the ticket in your profile and show the QR code to enter.

Okay but what about the NFT airdrops?

Now that you know what an NFT is and how easy it is to use NFT tickets, airdrops will make a lot more sense. To showcase this we will use a music festival as an example (but airdrops are applicable for every event from Football matches to Opera shows). This music festival hosted 5000 people and created its tickets together with Tixy and a famous graphical artist. That means that every ticket is a 1/5000 unique art piece and each event-goer owns a piece of that art. Here are three ways in which airdrops can be used to create a magical event experience:


Let’s say one of the main acts just released a new album and wants to share that with the audience attending. The artist can airdrop a copy of the album as an NFT to each person who scanned their ticket at the door. Thus giving them a unique memory and a collectible they can keep and cherish long after the festival has ended. This all happens automatically in the Tixy app so all the attendees get the airdrop straight to their collection without needing to sign up or apply for anything.


Let’s say the festival owner wants to create a fun game before the final act takes place. Then they could airdrop everyone in the audience a randomized NFT that’s either red or black and has a number on it.

Then they spin a huge roulette wheel on the main stage. And all the people with the right color and number combination get to come up on stage to collect a prize (Or maybe win something more realistic like a free drink).

But how would the winning combination even be verified?

By scanning the airdropped NFT in your wallet of course! Since every NFT is unique, verifying the owner is as easy as scanning the barcode found in the Tixy app. Everything happens digitally and securely through the blockchain.

Airdrops after the event?

By leveraging the power of airdrops after the event. The festival organizer could easily airdrop loyal festival-goers with discounts on new festivals, merchandise, or restricted access to online content! This enables a connection between organizers and attendees that has never been possible before.

This is just an example of the many use-cases for NFTs and airdrops for modern events. By using the right technology partner, only the sky is the limit for what could be accomplished with NFT tickets, airdrops, and blockchain in the events industry.

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