Being Patient Does Not Mean Sitting On Your Ass.

Everybody tells me I need to be patient.

You’re young, Tyler. Just be patient. There’s no need to rush.

Relax. Enjoy school. It will all come in time.

Alright; I hear you. But now let’s ponder some context. When I am being told that I need to be patient it is usually by a generation of people who were the last to grow up into their adulthood without an overflow of technology at their fingertips. They didn’t have a macbook on their lap allowing them to write at any moment of any day; quickly publishing it to a network of millions of interconnected people.

The people that tell me to be “patient” were forced to be patient by their generational situation. They didn’t know any better. If they had access to the same resources and power I now find in my grasp. If they had the ability to wield and weave their own image and life in the way that I do; it would have been a totally different ballgame. It would have been a lot like MY ballgame.

Please understand that despite how it may seem, I am being patient. But to me being patient does not qualify as excuse. An excuse to wait until I am forced into the world before starting the daily payment of my dues. Patience does not mean being just like everybody else in their early 20’s; pretending their future is a lot further away than the current and avoiding it like they avoid looking at their bank accounts.

Patience does not equate to compliance.

Not with the way things are nor with the way things line up to be.

Patience means knowing that it simply takes time. But it isn’t simply the passage of time that gets you where you are going, it’s the continued work over time that grants success. Unfortunately too many people think that some day they will turn 25, 27, 30, 35, 40 and have it figured out. When truth be told, nothing will ever happen if you force it out of conception into the substance of reality.

So yes, I will be patient. I will be patient about my dues; never underestimating or disrespecting the work. But I WILL NOT be patient to the extent of being ordinary. I refuse to avoid my impending future because that is what the masses have deemed to be standard thinking practice. I will not allow my age to be a judgement of my competence.

Patience does not stand in the same context as it once did.

It is far too easy for a person to sneak by with laziness covered by the cloak of patience.

But let it be known, laziness will never do the job when true patience is what’s required.

When I am asked in 10 years how I became a young success I will be able to answer,

“I did what others wouldn't, so that I may achieve what others couldn't and I did so with resounding impatience.”