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Celebrating Malaysian Art & Film

Source: Tatler Asia


Source: Ilham Gallery

Modern Art in Malaysia

Today, Malaysian artists have propelled the art industry to creative heights. These artworks have not only made beautiful strokes on home soil, but also on an international stage. Aside from the traditions of wood crafting, ceramic and metalworks, modern artists of Malaysia have expressed nostalgia, history, humour and hope in ingenious ways with undoubtedly days of hard work on perfecting the nook and cranny of meticulous details.

Source: lokalocal

Film Industry in Malaysia

Film is considered to be a vital and much appreciated form of art, seen as a source of popular entertainment and a powerful medium for education. The visual basis of films provides it a universal power of communication to not only its homeland but also on an international level. Unlike Malaysia’s art industry, the film industry has yet to explore its potential. With renowned Malaysian actors such as Michelle Yeoh and Henry Golding, the film industry has a promising future to expand its influence in both its homeland and internationally. The film industry has come a long way dating back to when it was first used as propaganda during the ruling of the British.

Source: Wikipedia

Looking forward

It is vital to realise the importance of art and films, and consequently the importance of helping our local artistry to grow. Its power to induce conversations of awe, bond friends and families and even prompt tears from people all over the world is miraculous and amazing. Art is truly a tool for unity much needed in the multicultural society of Malaysia, and it is up to the eye of its beholders to see its true beauty and value in our very own homeland and, in the coming future, the world.



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