• Added /help
  • Added a more featured head database
  • Added a banner maker GUI, with number & letter presets
  • Added a tool to pose armour stands
  • Autorank for creative
  • 5 new plot worlds, which are
    + Guest world, 64x64, available for all, maximum of 2 plots (no merging)
    + Noble world, 128x128, available for Noble and up, maximum of 4 plots
    + Donator world, 256x256, available for VIP+ and up, maximum of 4 plots
    + Builder world, 128x128, available for builders, infinite plots
    + Application world, used for builder applications, ask an admin for a plot
  • You can still visit all the worlds above, but you’re limited to which ones you can claim in.
  • New central spawn!
  • A guide to applying for builder!

This is the biggest updated to the creative server EVER done on TMM!
~ Znitsarn

This isn’t the end! We’ll be adding even more soon, so stay tuned!

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