My Dream Cast for The Lunar Chronicles’ “Cinder” Movie…WHICH NEEDS TO EXIST LIKE NOW.

Many who know me are aware that they should not recommend books to me. Telling me to read a book is the kiss of death. I will IMMEDIATELY reject it.

“Oh, you think I would like this book? Well how about I say screw you and read the Mediator Series by Meg Cabot for the fiftieth time?!”

So, when Cinder was recommended to me, I of course waited the requisite number of years before pretending it was totally my idea to read it. And, guys…it’s AWESOME.

First of all, a science fiction/fantasy alternate future where Cinderella is a cyborg mechanic? Yes, please! And, despite dystopia being five minutes ago, the fairy tale bent is still going strong. Next step? A MOVIE, NOOWWWWWW!

Because Cinder is set in “New Beijing,” the alternate future capital of Earth, essentially, this would be a really great opportunity for studios to cast ACTUAL ASIAN AMERICAN ACTORS in a movie with Asian characters. Call me crazy. So, without further adieu, here is my dream cast for Cinder:

Cinder: Chloe Bennet

Some have already tapped Chloe Bennet in their dream cast for Cinder and I think they’re absolutely right. After seeing her in Marvel’s Agents of Shield I can really see her in the part of Cinder.

Prince/Emperor Kai: Daniel Henney

While he’s in his 30’s, I think Daniel Henney would be a great choice for Kai. You fell for him as Tadashi Hamada in Big Hero 6 and he’s got the perfect blend of boy next door and smoldering good looks for the role. If it was ten years ago, I’d probably say John Cho, but that’s because I have a huge crush on John Cho. Trying to be objective here.

Queen Levana: Eva Green

There’s just something really otherworldly about Eva Green, almost to the point where I could believe she’s got a glamour going on me. The popular pick has been Angelina Jolie for this role, but I think it’s a bit too obvious of a choice.

Konn Torin: Daniel Dae Kim

Torin has this great stoic nature that I think Daniel Dae Kim could pull off perfectly after seeing him in Lost. Plus, I would take any excuse to cast Daniel Dae Kim in anything.

Lady Sybil: Linda Park

Star Trek Enterprise’s Hoshi Sato may have been a reserved and insecure, but I see Linda Park knocking this one out of the park. Cool, aloof and full of secrets. She’d make a spectacular Lady Sybil.

Linh Adri: Lucy Liu

C’mon guys. If you’ve read Cinder you KNOW this is the right choice. I don’t even think I need to explain.

Linh Pearl: Janel Parrish

Anyone who has seen the Pretty Little Liars series knows that Mona is the best character. You love to hate her, and then you can’t help but love her. We know she can pull off deliciously bitchy, so she’d be perfect as Cinder’s actually evil stepsister, Pearl.

Linh Peony: Lana Condor

She may have only recently had her major debut in X-Men: Apocalypse but I think this young actress could really pull off the sweet and tragic Peony.

Iko: Lauren Tom

I can’t help but think of Lauren Tom for the trilling robot Iko who keeps forgetting she’s not human. Spluh! She’s the perfect choice.

Dr. Erland: Gary Oldman

I would also look for any excuse to cast Gary Oldman in anything, but if you think about it, he’s the ideal choice for the Dr. Mengler-turned-hero Erland. More than any other character, Dr. Erland has got a lot going on under the surface. I can’t think of a better actor than Gary Oldman for the job.

Okay so now that I’ve cast it for you, you guys are going to make the movie, right? RIGHT??