Reason #1: Create the moments you’ll remember

The outrageous putt, the impossible save, the one-in-a-million shot, the last-ditch tackle.

Sport is about creating moments; moments you remember, moments you share with your friends, moments that live on long after you stop playing.

I would hazard a guess that if a lot of us were being watched by spectators, 90%+ of what they would see would be utter dross, and whether they had paid or not, they would ask for a refund… We accept this though; it is the price we pay for the pursuit of perfection. It is what keeps us going when we hit terrible shot after terrible shot…after terrible shot. Knowing that that one moment is just around the corner gives us the glimmer of hope that we cling to: “Maybe this will be the start of a streak of perfection”… in our heart of hearts we know it won’t but we persevere regardless.

You will play thousands of hours of sport over your lifetime, most of which you will struggle to recall, but this isn’t time wasted, it is time invested. Invested to create the moment that 20 years later you can brag about to your friends, reminiscing.

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