Reason #2: Sport, the cure-all

Do you feel tired all the time and have problems sleeping? Are you feeling a little low? Do you want to shape up and stop breathing quite so heavily? Or just want to make a few new friends? What if you could do all of the above without medication, hardcore diets or Tinder? You probably know where I am going with this already…but guess what? You can! And you can do it all while having a laugh. “Tell me more!” I here you say (even if you didn’t I’m telling you anyway you miserable git).

Exercise doesn’t have to involve going to the gym (although it could — you sadistic gym freaks), it can be playing pretty much any sport. They all have their different benefits, some are hugely intense physically, some are more focused on your hand-eye coordination, others may require immense flexibility. Regardless of sport though, all will help with the aforementioned problems. I am not going to bore you all with the scholarly references but scientists say that exercising helps you sleep (assume because you are all tuckered out), releases endorphins (giving you a natural high), are good for your waistline (any physical exertion would be I guess) and I am telling you that you will make some of your best friends through playing.

Given the immense benefits we get from playing and the relatively small price to pay — a bit of organising here, a couple of quid there — why don’t you go and do your daily sport therapy?

Do what feels good. Join Tmup now.



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