Reason #3: Sport on demand

Team mailing lists. We’ve all been on one. They’re painful. The incessant notifications and replies, the conveying of completely irrelevant information as Terry tells you about his holiday in Tenerife. The confusion around when and where you agreed to play. Then after numerous messages, the inevitable happens — someone bails, and the whole farce begins again.

Maybe you are on an email chain or a Whatsapp group or maybe you use another tool. Whatever works for you I can guarantee you get no joy from the experience and that at some point you have questioned whether playing the sport you love is really worth the effort of organising it.

This isn’t how it should be. The more friction and faff that is added the less likely you and your friends are to go out and play. Given the myriad of other excuses that are given for people not to play, you hardly need another to add to the list.

Also why is it that sport is rarely considered as an option when you want to do something recreationally in an evening or weekend? Instead we often default to going out for dinner or drinks, something we aren’t tied to a time for and requires no effort. But equally we know if we got on the court instead we would feel significantly less guilt the next morning (and who says you can’t still go for a drink after?).

I believe if sport could be arranged at the drop of a bat, instantly, this would change and we would get out more. What do you think?

Do away with mailing lists and find a game tonight. Join Tmup now.



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