Reason #4: Try new things

Trying new things can be scary, but trying new sports shouldn’t be. It should be exciting. How many times have you been watching the Olympics, World Cups or any other sporting competition and thought: “that looks like a bit of a lark, I wish I could give that a go”. But then the thought disappeared from your mind and you never did get to see if you would have taken the handball world by storm.

What stopped you? The hassle of finding somewhere? Or more likely was it that you just wanted to be eased into it, you didn’t want to go to a club and be the ‘newbie’ surrounded by pros laughing at you, because, well, they would wouldn’t they?

The best way of taking up a new sport, especially a 1v1 sport, is to find someone else who is also learning and learn with them. I did this with squash, neither of us had the foggiest how to play but just hired a court together and went weekly to play. Gradually we got better to a point where now it is my main sport and I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable going into a club scenario. What helped was that there was no expectation or pressure from my opponent, and we got to laugh at how terrible we both were, which also made it infinitely more fun.

However many sports you play, it never hurts to try another. You might find out that some of your skills are transferable or that the new sport encourages you to rethink how you play your current sports or maybe it will just give you a few more options when you are looking for someone to play with, adding some variety to your sporting portfolio.

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