Reason #6: Bubble football

So, you fancy yourself as a bit of a 5-aside pro, and love nothing more than allowing hordes of your adoring fans (or anyone passing by with time to kill) to witness your sensational skills on a weekly basis. You probably travel 30 mins+ to your Wembley to play a bunch of random people, none of whom you would consider close to your equal? Am I right?

But what if I told you, in your very building, lived an ex-Wolverhampton Wanderers striker, long since retired but still looking to showcase their flair in front of anyone who cares to watch? Or just down the road from you there was a 16-year-old Brazilian girl who can do 10,000 kick-ups…while sitting down? Do you not think playing against these guys would be a far better test of your talents?

These days we tend to live in our own little bubbles, doing things miles away that we could have done on our doorsteps. You’ll be surprised who is in your neighbourhood when you look and ask around, sport is a great way to get to know these people and really build up a sense of community in an area.

So, let’s see, you travel less, find more competitive games and maybe make some new friends in the area… yeah… sounds crap, pass me my phone so I can play virtual tennis with someone in Australia.

Break out of your bubble. Join Tmup now.



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