Reason #7: Exercise should be more than a chore

Your alarm goes off at a time humans weren’t supposed to see, bleary-eyed you hit snooze, dreading the thought of having to poke a toe out of the warm cocoon of your covers into the cold world of “the awake”. You dress yourself in your old novelty t-shirt, zip up your hoodie and get on the bus, silent but for the tinny sound of Girls Aloud blasting from the workman’s headphones. You get to the gym and set foot in the weights room going through the motions of your ‘Monday routine’, finish your workout while checking Instagram, wondering when your tummy-toning tea is due to arrive, then get showered and haul yourself to your office throne for the day. Tomorrow, it begins again.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Exercise shouldn’t be something you fear, a task to tick off each day, it should be something you crave, something you look forward to and are excited by. Why did we play sports when we were children? It wasn’t because we wanted to lower our body fat percentages or develop that elusive “thigh gap”, it was because they were fun, and as a bonus they just so happened to help us get fit and healthy the more we played.

Compare the feeling most us get at the thought of going to the gym, or the ease with which we excuse ourselves from running, with the feeling before your weekly netball, rugby or tennis matches? Where’s the anxiety, the feeling of guilt when we decide today isn’t our day? Instead these feelings are replaced with anticipation, enthusiasm and positive expectation. Sure, you won’t be able to ‘target your trapezius’, honing it to Herculean perfection by bumbling around a court, but, well, you who gives a damn? Wouldn’t you rather have a laugh spanking squash balls into your mates’ backs ‘accidentally’ and getting a decent sweat on in the process?

Exercise shouldn’t be a chore, play more. Join Tmup now.



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