Reason #8: Squad goals

Go to your contacts list in your phone and scroll to the people you talk to most, now think back; how did you first meet? Maybe you met at school, or on a night out? But more than likely I reckon you built some of your closest friendships years ago, on a muddy field somewhere, playing sports.

Why is this though? I have a theory, hear me out. Sports encourage polarised and highly intense emotional experiences, even though most of the time it is “just a game” I’d be willing to bet that you get far more passionate about scoring a goal or missing a shot than you do in most of the rest of your everyday life *slides on his knees after he hands in the weekly sales report*. You might be elated, ecstatic even one moment, then angry and in despair the next.

But here’s the thing; it is rare you will be riding this emotional rollercoaster alone. Whether it be with teammates or your opponents, we endure these moments collaboratively, contributing symbiotically to one another’s experiences. This is where the bond starts to form. If you have been in a pressured situation with someone or have celebrated something with someone, even if they are a complete stranger, you will feel closer to them (think if you were ever stuck in a lift with someone or been in a pub when your team has won something). Now consider that in sports these situations arise almost every time you play and so each time they do that bond is further reinforced. Now extend this over a few years and the next thing you know, you’ve made some pretty good friends. Simple eh?

But as we get older we don’t play as much and we are less and less likely to try something new so end up missing out on opportunities to find the people that could shape our lives (for the better). It doesn’t have to be this way though.

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