Tmup: 11 Reasons Why…

In the next few months I will be launching a new platform that will be used to build a sporting community, it’s called Tmup (pronounced Tee-mup, get it? Not Trump, definitely not Trump).

I want to share with you, in a series of blog posts, why sport is so great, why we should play more and what made me want to start Tmup.

My goal with Tmup is that it will help you find new local sporting partners and friends, try the sports you have always wanted to and get fit and healthy in a way you enjoy. And, to be honest, I want to find more people to play squash with! (That makes me sound really lonely and desperate doesn’t it?)

So, if you fancy it, have a read (each post is only a 2 min read):

Reason #1: Create the moments you will remember

Reason #2: Sport, the cure-all

Reason #3: Sport on demand

Reason #4: Try new things

Reason #5: The Equaliser

Reason #6: Bubble football

Reason #7: Exercise should be more than a chore

Reason #8: Squad goals

Reason #9: Want to really know someone? Here’s how

Reason #10: The Pursuit of Sportyness

Reason #11: Sport — your favourite teacher

I hope these will inspire you to join Tmup and help us build something really cool.

Happy Tmup-ing,


Join Tmup now.

***This post is part of a series called ‘Tmup: 11 Reasons why…you should play more’, for more reasons why click here or on my profile.***

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