TNC Spotlight: CEO Bruce Jeong, A Blockchain Visionary

TNC Group
TNC Group
Jul 28, 2019 · 3 min read
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TNC Spotlight

TNC IT Solutions Group is founded by an elite team of professionals with years of experience and knowledge in the blockchain industry. With a current team of 45 appraisers globally, TNC is set to take on bold steps under the leadership of Bruce Jeong.

Bruce is the CEO and Co-Founder of TNC, as well as the deputy CEO of Fundshing, a blockchain solutions company established in Switzerland in 2017. He is also an esteemed solicitor, a chartered accountant, and the Korean representative of the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB).

As the CEO of TNC, Bruce visits our partners and teams across different countries to check on the progress of our initiatives. He also speaks at many conferences on TNC’s behalf and is at the helm of the M&A committee for deciding on which crypto projects to absorb.

A Man of Many Accolades

A graduate from Curtin University and Macquarie University, Bruce started his career in 2001 as a Senior Project Manager in a firm called Private Equity based in Australia. After 5 years of service, he joined the New York Consulting Group and served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for 6 years.

Since 2017, Bruce has held the position as the Korea Representative Director Member of IDACB — a non-profit organization whose mission is to create a smart crypto city by integrating blockchain technology. IDACB has offices located across Russia, UAE, Hong Kong, and France. IDACB has 81 member countries, and its board of directors consists of one representative per country. As part of the said organization, Jeong has proudly represented South Korea in many prestigious events such as the World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit in 2018.

Meanwhile, Bruce stayed as the CEO of Fundshing since 2014. The company provides solutions to launch token offerings. Specifically, it offers services to blockchain startups and offers technical, legal, and marketing solutions. The idea behind Fundshing is to support startups and offer consultancy services wherever needed, very much alike TNC.

TNC was launched only in late 2018 but is already making fast progress. Bruce believes in ‘’uniting the cryptocurrency world,” which is the summation of TNC’s vision. He and the rest of the organization aim to merge with and provide blockchain and security development to over 500+ blockchain companies, as well as to integrate blockchain technology globally.

A Sought-After Speaker

Over the course of the years, Bruce Jeong has become a well-respected personality in the blockchain community. As a prominent figure, he was invited to speak at many international events. He attended the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in December 2018 in the Philippines. He also went to the Finance World Expo in March 2019 in Switzerland and the APAC Blockchain Conference May 2019 in Australia.

Bruce is also one of the key speakers in the CC Forum from October 14–16 in London, UK. He will join other prominent crypto personalities such as Tim Draper, H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, Dinis Guarda, and more.

TNC in New York

Another noteworthy event that Bruce spoke at was the TNC Group Inauguration at the Rockefeller Center, New York. Bruce spoke on the revolution of cryptocurrency payments and introduced TNC’s mission to merge more than 500 blockchain companies this year. Vít Jedlička, president of Liberland honored Bruce with the highest merit possible in his country, The Liberland Star of Merit. Bruce has now put himself in good company, as the award has also been given to respected individuals like Steven Forbes and Ron Paul.

Bruce is just getting his legacy started in the blockchain industry. With the launch of TNC, he hopes to reinvent the crypto world and unite every blockchain company and country onto his platform.

TNC is honored to have such a diverse group of professionals from different industries. In the future, we will further talk about each member of the top management and the appraisal team and state the value they bring to this enormous project.

Catch us on our official channels for additional partnerships in the future.

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TNC IT Solutions Group is blockchain initiative that has…

TNC Group

Written by

TNC Group

TNC IT Group
TNC Group

Written by

TNC IT Group is blockchain initiative that has the goal of Uniting the Cryptocurrency World!

TNC IT Group

TNC IT Solutions Group is blockchain initiative that has the goal of Uniting the Cryptocurrency World! Our major activities include investing both our resources and guidance on blockchain companies, integrating blockchain technology, finding global standard developers, and so on.

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