eSports Week In Review | Exclusive: 4 Of WME-IMG eSports Team Leave, ESL CEO on TNL Guest Podcast, Dr. Pepper’s Team Sponsorship

Blizzard Reveals More Info About Overwatch League (Photo: Blizzard)
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TNL Take: This week’s review was an unusual one as it started over the weekend rather than Monday. This past Sunday, The Next Level broke the news that I had been working on for a few days that 4 members of WME-IMG’s eSports team was leaving. There is a much deeper story here and will have more on that once the dust has settled.

MONDAY 07/24

Exclusive: 4 Of WME-IMG’s eSports Team Leave

4 Of WME-IMG eSports Team Leave (Photo: WME-IMG)


TNL eSports Guest Podcast 006: Craig Levine, ESL CEO North America

TNL eSports Guest Podcast 006: Craig Levine, ESL CEO North America (Graphic: The Next Level)


The Next Level Daily Newsletter was off


Dr. Pepper Signs Agreement with Mousesports in May 2017 (Photo: Mousesports)

Beverage Brands Barge Into eSports — Part 1: Dr. Pepper

Wait, why is there a logo about Activision-Blizzard’s upcoming Overwatch League but no info?

Because The Next Level is working on something unique that will be published next week that goes deeper into what has and has not been revealed.

Also, look out for some more interesting news next week 😉

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