Twitter To Live Stream 1,500 Hours Of eSports

Twitter To Live Stream 1,500 Hours Of eSports (Photo: Unikrn)
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Remember when I said Twitter would enter eSports back in July of 2016?

And they did 9 days later.

Or the eSports media evolution and The Dumbell Theory of Media?

eSports Media Evolution (Photo: The Next Level)
The Dumbbell Theory Of Media (Graphic: The Next Level)

Or eSports in 2017 will be about broadcast rights?

Here’s what’s happened in the first 2 months already:

It’s all coming together.

Now back to Twitter. In 2016, Twitter broadcasted 1 event for less than 10 hours of content.

Twitter will now broadcast 15 events producing 1500+ hours in 2017.

The deal consists of ESL One — how many more partners will ESL partner with? — Intel Extreme Masters and the DreamHack circuit.

The first broadcast occurred this past weekend with the Intel Extreme Katowice tournament in Poland (FYI, both ESL and DreamHack are owned by Swedish media company MTG)

Now these aren’t exclusive content deals to Twitter but there are two points that are highly interesting to me:

  • The ad packages will more closely resemble TV style ad spots; with highlights and recaps which can be sponsored
  • Here’s the bigger one: ESL will produce a weekly 30-minute show — aka an eSports SportsCenter — that will be exclusive to Twitter

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said that eSports needs better, customized content and look forward to seeing them role this out.

It’s great to see major companies like ESPN, Yahoo, Turner, Twitter, Facebook, Mashable and many others begin to invest more in their eSports coverage.

I spoke further about Twitter’s big entrance on WWG’s live Twitch show “The Checkpoint” last week which you can see below (starts at 17:30):

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