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Turner Still Spins Final E LEAGUE Viewership

(Photo: Turner)

TNL Take: Turner PR released final numbers of TBS’s eSports debut of E LEAGUE. Just like I analyzed in THE NEXT LEVEL 009 “The Truth About E LEAGUE Viewership”, not much has changed with the final release.

I’ll provide a full final review once I’m done with the Twitch/Twitter analysis along with the final Friday and Saturday TV viewership. For now, one great point and one major one that makes no sense:

/01 897M Gross Minutes of Video Consumption

As eSports continues to show, the audience consumption is astonishing. eSports Live Streaming platforms continually tout rates of 90–120Mins spent on average per user.

The bigger question is how much of that audience was in the US? Many Brands and Agencies are unaware that large eSports events can drive US viewership to as low as 25%. The Asian audience is not that needed to Buffalo Wild Wings…or just not yet.

/02 Reach of Nearly 19 Million Total Viewers on TBS

What? I thought about this for 5 seconds and realized that the numbers just don’t make sense. It’s just simple math:

At 11 broadcasts, E LEAGUE would needed to have delivered ~2M viewers per Week that watched at least 1Min or 11 Weeks x ~2M Viewers = ~20M Total Viewers. Now that’s also assuming that each week, ALL ~2M viewers were new or you’re just duplicating your numbers.

So did E LEAGUE deliver 2M viewers on average per week? No.

About 10% of that at 250K watched the entire time. Regardless, the bigger metric for Brands is: Do you want 1 person to watch for 1 minute or be engaged throughout?

I reached out to Turner PR who immediately responded with:

“It is the “reach” or total viewers that tuned into our live event coverage throughout the season on TBS.”

When I followed up with the exact logic I outlined above and asked to see Turner’s math, I received a call which will remain off-the-record.

However Turner wants to spin this, it’s not hard to see the truth.

(Photo: Apple)

What is Final Round?

Coming soon….

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