A Larger Leap for Mankind.

The biggest story since 1969 about space is happening right now. A modern-day Magellan may be among us, and he’s taking mankind to Mars.

“I think it’s important that humanity become a multi-planet species. I think most people would agree that a future in which we are a space-faring civilization is inspiring and exciting, compared with one where we are forever confined to Earth until some eventual extinction event.”
Elon Musk
A fish glides through a liquid world, aware of light and dark, predators and prey, dimly perceiving the ocean bottom below. On occasion, it may leap out of the water and experience something else strange and different. That experience, however, is rare and not an essential element of the fish’s life. This is “fish consciousness.” In regard to land, water, air, and sky, the fish’s knowledge of reality is highly conditioned and restricted by its physical surroundings. If you were a fish, you would have no idea what land was like and only the vaguest notion of what water was like, because water would be the immersive medium in which you lived. The idea of “sky” would be far beyond your comprehension.
To us, it seems a strange and limited life. However, in terms of consciousness and evolution, we are closer to living the life of a fish than we might realize. Until recently, all human beings have existed in a state much like that of a fish and other marine animals. The planet Earth has been our ocean, from which we have been unable to escape. Even the remote possibility of leaving the planet became imaginable only relatively recently.
Frank White, The Overview Effect
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