Tending to Our Souls

“The soul is healed by being with children.” — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Fitting for you, my dear friend. You are currently 1,910 miles away (thank you, Google), meeting new people and playing and teaching little kids. This past year has been hard in many ways for the both of us, so to start this off, the theme I chose for our beginning conversation is healing.

I won’t recap our past or reveal the wounds we are working through. We’ll leave the past where it is. This blog is a new start, for new beginnings. It is a way for us to digest the everyday emotions and experiences as we move forward. Restoration, we can hope, will be a natural by-product as we write back and forth.

One thing I have learned about healing is that it is hard and I have no clue what I’m doing. Every time I think I make progress I get a reality check on how much still needs mending. To heal is to let go, but I am learning that to let go doesn’t mean avoid. Some thoughts and emotions I file away in my mind in a folder with big red typeface, Open At Your Own Risk. They are there in the back, those little blue orbs if we visualize it the way Disney does, and I tiptoe around them.

I wonder, what does let go mean? We’ve talked about how we both struggle with this, and I have asked many people what they do to let go. Most of the time, they answer with, “I just don’t let it affect me.” Right, but how?

From what I gather, there is something in the way those people handle situations that is different from the way my brain processes. It is all in the mind. So if it comes down to the mind, what can I do to identify and rewire the way I think about these things? How are we supposed to process and cope? And when do people learn that?

Another answer is time. “It just takes time.” Thinking to how children cope, it seems instantaneous — they fall down and cry for a little, but they get back up. Of course, more traumatic wounds, though, fester and can affect them as they age. As for me, there are plenty of situations in the past that should not upset me anymore but still sear my heart and pride. As such, I’m inclined to think that it goes back to coping and the mental process of working through negative experiences.

Thinking about Dostoyevsky’s quote, what can children teach us about the healing process? You are almost 2000 miles away, healing in your own way, surrounded by children. Perhaps you can shed some light on this perspective. If we ignore both time and coping processes (yet developed by youth) as elements to healing, I believe our Russian friend means their company can soothe our fragile souls.

If we are to go off the reading I gave you, the tarot pointed to the past and present as areas to learn and strengthen from. We interpreted healing their advice to progress towards your dreams. Mend your soul and find what makes you you in the process. If children are a tonic, fading our scars, you are in the middle of a marvelous journey and opportunity. With all the giggles and smiles and running little feet, I’m curious what you will learn.

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