Managing tasks just got easier with To-do bot for Slack

To-do bot is a powerful to-do list inside of Slack, which has helped over 60,000 teams become more productive and get tasks done.

Slack is a digital workplace that connects you to the people and tools you work with everyday. When To-do bot is added to the Slack team, all members can get started with creating tasks simply by using the /todo command.

Tasks can be created when the Slack conversation is happening so you will never forget another task. Tasks can be assigned to team members and due dates set all within the Slack channel, keeping projects and teamwork organized quickly and efficiently.

To-do bot has built on Slack to integrate with Message Menus which are dropdown buttons that allow users to mark tasks as done, assign a team member to a task or set a due date. Users can easily bring up the to-do list in a channel, and use the Message Menus to choose which task they would like to mark as completed.

Mark a task as done with Message Menus

“To-do bot users have seen an increase in productivity and team happiness. Daily tasks can be created quickly with To-do bot and the whole channel has transparency of what work needs to be done.

Teams now have one to-do list with all the work required, no need to switch between applications and emails to figure out what work they need to do. To-do bot even has a place to see all the tasks assigned to a team member, across all different channels — making it even easier to manage their workload.” said Guillermo Gette, CEO and Founder of To-do bot.

“Not only that, but team members get recognition for all the tasks they do — even the adhoc tasks that were usually written on a piece of paper are now being recorded in To-do bot.”

Create tasks when you are having Slack conversations

Teamwork is becoming easier with To-do bot with Slack. Many departments resorted to managing their tasks in their own way, using a spreadsheet or external application to manage their task list. Now, Slack has changed the way teams communicate, bringing people and tools together, therefore, it just makes sense to have task management integrated into Slack using To-do bot.

To get started with To-do bot, install the application to your Slack team here.

About To-do bot

To-do bot is your task manager that seamlessly integrates to the way your team communicates. Be more productive by using to-do bot to manage your tasks and workload within your team. Create tasks, assign tasks to team members, set due dates and get reminders, all without leaving the conversation. Learn more at

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