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To Live and Get By in L.A.
Candid conversations with Angelenos about finding the balance between making a living and making art
Note from the editor

I’ve long wondered about how working artists balance making art with making a living, and now as LA gets more expensive than ever, I’m wondering about it more than ever. These interviews are intended to shine a light on the realities of being creative at the apex of capitalism. My goal is to talk to a variety of people, from those who make their living off their art to those who do it just for the joy of it and everyone in between. This is about money, to be sure, but it’s also about ambition. And in case it’s not clear, it’s about me figuring out how people balance all these things so that I can better understand my own work and motivations. Think of it as self-help under the guise of exploration, and bear with me as I stumble through.

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Sara Campbell
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