Making the most out of your silence

Keen Eddie was a UK-USA tv series that did not last what it should have back in 2003.

Besides being the origin of my love for pitbull-terriers, I also got one life lesson out of it, and that is this:

We fill the silence with our own insecurities

That, in my life, has been accurate 99% of the time. No matter what the relationship is with the person I’m talking to, boss; employee; an investor or a new client, if stakes are from moderate to high every time silence takes place our insecurities become present.

That, in a message, could be less than usefull most of the time. But, sometimes you can get something out of it.

Stay alert to tension in your message. That is not something we do often. Tension arises from espectation fighting with what we experiment. There, if you add silence you get a powerful experience that is really difficult to forget.

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