Rah Oklahoma, Go Hillary, and Go Vote!

The OU campus is beautiful, but my student loan balance? Not so much.

Here’s something that anyone who’s met me knows — no matter if we were introduced 10 minutes ago or if we’ve been pals for decades: Two of the things that I love most in this world are Oklahoma University and Hillary Clinton. I’m a proud Sooner and a proud Democrat, and I will talk your ear off about either of those topics.

I’ve been an OU fan my whole life, and I proudly became an alum in May 2013, graduating with a political science degree from a world-class university — and with over $58,000 student loan debt.

Staring into the eyes of my student loan payments 😩☝🏾

I’m not alone. Most of my friends and coworkers have student loans from either undergrad or grad school. Did you know that nearly 70% of bachelor’s degree recipients leave school with debt? And 40 million Americans have a total of over $1.2 trillion in student debt? It’s the second-largest form of consumer debt. Those aren’t exactly what I’d call “fun” facts, but they’re the facts nonetheless.

But this isn’t just a story about my debt, and here is where my other favorite thing comes in: Hillary Clinton has a plan to help the millions of young Americans who have student loans and to make debt-free college available to everyone.

That’s huge.

Her plan would cut interest rates and allow borrowers to refinance our loans. It would ensure that loan payments are capped based on your income and introduce loan deferment (for people like entrepreneurs) and loan forgiveness (for people entering public service). I’ve done the math, and Hillary’s plan would save me over $10,000.

Think of what you would do with an extra $10,000! Take a step toward owning a home, save for another degree, or invest it in your dream career. The sky truly is the limit.

Do me a favor and check out how Hillary’s plan will help you manage your student loan debt. Maybe you have some reservations about her, but here’s the thing — numbers don’t lie. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate in the race trying to help you move forward and put your debt behind you.

Then do me and even bigger favor and go to IWillVote.com to find your polling place.

Student loan reform is on the ballot in this election. So are other issues that millennial voters care about: climate change, criminal justice reform, reproductive rights. We’ve got one presidential candidate who wants to support us, to help grow the economy and protect the climate for ourselves and for future generations. And on the other hand, we’ve got a presidential candidate who has literally no plans to help ordinary Americans get ahead.

This year, millennials match Baby Boomers as a share of the electorate. Our future is in our hands, but we have to show up. We have to vote for it.

Rah Oklahoma, go Hillary, and go vote!