We’re turning this moment into a movement

This is a “where were ya?” moment.

Years from now, our children and grandchildren will ask us where we were when Trump and the GOP attacked the core values of our country and our party.

A few weeks ago, I was at a DNC Future Forum in Houston, the same weekend the Trump administration rolled out its disastrous Muslim ban. I went to the airport to join the protestors standing up for American values.

My favorite sign I saw was a line from the musical Hamilton: “History has its eyes on you.”

History will not look kindly on what the Trump administration has done in just its first month, and I am confident that working together, we can make this a one-term presidency.

I vowed after November 8th, 2016, that I would do whatever I could to move our party forward, and I’m honored to step into this new role as Chair of the DNC.

I want to be able to say I did everything in my power to fight back. We’ve got some work to do, but I’ve never in my life seen the kind of excitement and energy we’re seeing in communities across the country. Now we must turn this moment into a movement.

I want the Democratic National Committee to be both a resource and a platform to make this grassroots energy as impactful as possible, pointing Americans in the right direction to raise their voices and make a difference. This past weekend was a great example, when we pointed people in the direction of Delaware to help elect Stephanie Hansen and keep the Delaware State Senate in Democratic hands. More than 500 volunteers from nearby states showed up on Saturday to help make that happen. As my friend Joe Biden said that day, “Let’s take this movement national.”

I couldn’t agree more, and there’s no shortage of opportunity on the horizon. Starting this week in Connecticut’s race to hold the state senate, and in several week’s Georgia’s special election — our first opportunity to flip a red House seat blue on Donald Trump’s watch — and later this year in New Jersey and Virginia, we’re showing the GOP that they’re in for the fight of their lives.

But if we’re going to organize and fight and win, it’s going to take folks stepping up at every level. We need to strengthen our team from the grassroots up to build the party that empowers every single Democrat to lead with our values.

Our only chance at winning in 2017, 2018, and beyond — not only at the national level, but at every level, from the school board to the Senate — is to be united to focus on our shared values of inclusion and opportunity. Because a united Democratic Party is not only our best hope, it is President Donald Trump’s worst nightmare. And that has to start now. We’re going to do this work, and we’re going to do it together.

Say you’re in to continue this fight together.

La lucha continúa. Let’s go.

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