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5 steps to win the race

How to play and win? Learn, learn and learn again! Today, we will analyze 5 important steps for a successful race!

Step one: set up ‘favorites’ on the Binance website

First, you need to add all the cryptoassets available in TO THE MOON Game to the ‘favorites’ tab on the Binance exchange.

Why? As a rule, you do not have much time to carefully study the chart of each asset. It is much more convenient to simply go to the ‘favorites’ tab and select the necessary coins from the ready-made list.

Step two: analysis of different timeframes

Now it’s time to understand the ‘behavior’ of cryptocurrencies within different time intervals, or timeframes.

Why? Races differ in duration, so for each race it is necessary to analyze the dynamics of the asset in a particular time interval.

Step three: analysis of candlesticks and depth of market

Next, it is useful to study what we see on the chart, namely indicators such as candlesticks and depth of market.

Why? The candlestick reflects the trend of the asset within the selected period of time, and the depth of market allows you to assess the supply and demand at the current time.

Step four: develop a strategy and test it in practice

Develop your own tactics that will suit you, and then try it out in practice by taking part in freerolls.

Why? When participating in free races, you do not risk anything, but you can improve your skills and understand whether you have correctly analyzed the charts and compiled your portfolio.

Step five: analyzing competitors’ portfolios after the race

Often, the final standings contain a lot of useful information, for example, about the behavior of assets within a certain time interval and the choice of your opponents.

Why? Based on several races, you will be able to collect your own statistics for each of the coins and understand which of the assets are more volatile and which are more stable. This will help you make a choice before the race starts.

So, just five simple steps will help you reach a qualitatively new level of the game and start winning races not due to luck, but thanks to your own knowledge.



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