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Bitcoin took a breather, XRP fell into disgrace

The New Year is round the corner — soon we will celebrate this wonderful night with our family and friends. But the holiday is still a few days away. And if you still have the strength for the final ‘breakthrough’ — good for you, which can not be said about bitcoin and XRP. About the dynamics of digital assets and the mood of the cryptomarket — in our digest.

Last Thursday, the largest American investment company SkyBridge Capital established a cryptocurrency Fund SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund, investing $25 million in the coin. The company’s founder Anthony Scaramucci predicts bitcoin’s steady rally. According to him, BTC is at the very beginning and will become a ‘very strong asset class’ in the next ten years.

However, despite the positive Scaramucci’s forecasts and large investments of SkyBridge Capital, charts show the first reversal signals, but the current dynamics are more like consolidation than the beginning of a bearish trend. And though at the time of writing, the coin broke through an important resistance at $23,952 and managed to rise to historical highs near $24,500, according to forecasts, it may return to a minimum of $21,675 and then begin to recover.

Meanwhile, XRP fell into disgrace — several large crypto exchanges refused to work with the coin, starting to delist it from the platforms. This happened after the incident with the SEC — the US Securities and Exchange Commission accused Ripple of unauthorized sale of securities in the form of tokens. The scandal only stepped up pressure on the cryptocurrency, which has already declined by 50% since November.

The number of crypto exchanges that have stopped supporting cryptocurrency includes the well-known Simplex, Galaxy Digital, Jump Trading and Coinmama, while Coinbase is considering this decision. Amid this news, the coin plunged the $0.30 mark. Although it has recovered to $0.35 at the time of writing, the resistance levels located at $0.50 and $0.75 may prevent its further rise.



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