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Since our project is an innovation, everyday our users ask us about the main principles of the platform and game mechanics; they want to know why it’s not necessary to make investments to participate in races, and so on. In this article, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions and answered them to help you understand our TO THE MOON system.

What are the rules of the game? How to win?

On TO THE MOON platform players participate in virtual to the Moon. Each participant has their own spaceship with a fuel tank, which must be filled with available assets (these assets, i.e. currencies, serve as fuel). Thus, you predict the assets dynamics and choose the proposed coins from the list in any proportion, but in such a way that the sum of all assets is 100% (do not worry, if your tank is not fully filled, the system will offer you to do it).

As soon as you are ready, the flight begins. At the moment, the race is in automatic mode, so you can not pilot the ship, you can only watch the competition. The winner is the participant whose forecast was closest to the actual change in quotes, that is, whose investment portfolio (the currency in the ship’s tank) witnessed the strongest rise (or the smallest decline if the market falls).

To participate in the race, first you need to sign up (or log in to your personal account, if you already have an account). You can do this as follows:

  1. Go to the site
  2. Click on ‘SIGN UP/LOG IN’ button in the top right-hand corner
  3. Fill in the registration form
  4. ATTENTION! You MUST remember your password! As the platform works on the basis of TRON blockchain you will not be able to restore the password
  5. After the registration go to the ‘RACES’ tab
  6. Here you are, now you can play!

How to deposit and withdraw money on TO THE MOON platform?

To add funds to your wallet:

  1. On the top panel find the ‘PROFILE’ tab and click on it
  2. On the right you’ll see the ‘DEPOSIT’ button, click on it
  3. Further, you have to choose the desirable method of payment: a) bank card (here you can choose the currency which you would like to convert to TRON); b) via exchanger; or c) via TRONLINK

To withdraw funds from your account:

  1. Go to your PROFILE
  2. On the right you’ll see the ‘WITHDRAW’ button, click on it
  3. Indicate the address of the right wallet, the necessary sum of money and your password
  4. Click on the green ‘WITHDRAW’ button
  5. That’s it!

Which types of races are available on TO THE MOON platform?

On the platform there are free and paid races (from 2 to 5 participants) as well as tournaments, or races with an unlimited number of participants. They are of several types:

1) Free tournaments with a prize pool (freerolls)

2) Tournaments where each player must pay for participation

3) Free tournaments where you need a special code to participate

4) Paid tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool granted by the organizers; it increases with each participant’s contribution

Where cryptocurrency rates are taken from?

During the race, currency rates are updated real time. To do this, we use the API of Binance exchange — we take quotes directly from the site of the exchange.

How can I be sure that the race is fair?

During the races, we don’t make up anything ourselves, we use real time quotes of Binance exchange. Thus, you can check the results yourself.

Besides, you can follow players’ statistics right during the race. For this you just have to log in or sign up if you don’t have an account yet then move to the ‘RACES’ tab -> ‘ACTIVE RACES’/‘ACTIVE TOURNAMENTS’ and click on the ‘WATCH’ button. When you enter, find the ‘LIST OF PLAYERS’ tab below — click on it, and you’ll see details about the competition and flight.

Is there a mobile version of the game?

Yes, you can play from your mobile device, and you don’t need to download any special app. Just follow the link in the browser, log in to your account or sign up and you can start playing!

Can I earn in your referral system?

We offer one of the most generous referral programs on the gaming market, which includes a 10-level referral system that allows you to get income by inviting participants who play single-player races, tournaments, or make other purchases on the platform like premium packages or gaming products.

The exact percentages of referral bonuses can be found on our website on the ‘PROFILE’ tab -> ‘REFERRALS’ section.

To find and copy your referral link:

  1. Go to the site
  2. On the top panel find the ‘PROFILE’ tab and click on it
  3. On the left you’ll see the ‘REFERRALS’ section, click on it
  4. Now you see your referral link, copy it and send it to another user
  5. Ready! Now your friend can sign up by clicking on your referral link, and you will start getting your bonuses!

ATTENTION! Make sure that the user you invited has registered using your link. You can check it in the PROFILE of the invited user in the ‘MY INFORMATION’ section -> ‘INVITED BY’.

Will there be other games on TO THE MOON platform?

Yes, there will be more games on the platform in the future, including mini-games that players will be able to play during the race.

How can TO THE MOON platform be useful?

First, the platform allows you to master the basics of the market, understand the mechanics of the game and learn how to deal with currency quotes. Moreover, you can do it without the risk of losing your funds — it is enough to take part in freerolls, i.e. tournaments where you do not need to pay an entrance fee but can win real cash prizes.

Secondly, TO THE MOON gives its users the opportunity to earn: for winning, race winners receive TRON (TRX) coins, which can be used to buy goods in our ‘STORE’, or simply withdraw them in any available currency and use them in a ‘traditional’ way. The winners of tournaments get both money and cool prizes like Apple iWatch, iPods, stylish merches, etc.

Third, you can join MARS platform — an ecosystem, which provides participants with a unique opportunity to earn by receiving passive income from 72% from the deposit annually. Moreover, MARS offers a profitable, convenient, clear and transparent 10-level referral system, which involves awarding bonuses to participants if they invited another user via a referral link. Learn more about MARS and the Referral system.

Thus, TO THE MOON is not just an entertainment resource, it is a future-oriented platform, which offers a lot of opportunities, ranging from simple understanding of the basic principles of the market to receiving passive earnings from deposits. Moreover, it combines communication with other people, tips from experienced users and just an interesting and useful pastime! Join us and you’ll see that you can play with profits and benefits!



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