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Player’s story: MOONBEST_SCALPEX

If you are a player of TO THE MOON Game, a crypto enthusiast, an active blockchain user, or just a person who wants to understand all this, then you are in the right place at the right time. Today, we will talk with one of the leaders of the TTM Game standings, Dmitry Lyamenkov, better known as MOONBEST_SCALPEX.

Dmitry is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience, and he has been working with cryptocurrency since 2016. But why does TO THE MOON Game seem so attractive to him? Let’s find out right now.

Acquaintance with the world of cryptocurrencies began for Dmitry with some unpleasant events — the business he was engaged in stopped making a profit, and he even had to borrow money and then get a job. However, he does not regret this at all, because it gave him a strong impetus for development. At one of the offline events, Dmitry met Vladislav Utushkin, CEO of TO THE MOON company.

This event was the starting point — later on his Facebook page Vladislav published a famous post about the tournament. This news fascinated Dmitry so much that he immediately decided to take part in the race.

Dmitry really appreciates TO THE MOON company as the most important thing for him is people, and TTM has a great and friendly team that is literally ready to storm the heights. In addition, he likes to explore new things and knows when and in what trend you need to go to make profits, and as for TO THE MOON Game project, he considers it extremely promising.

For Dmitry, the gaming platform itself is a kind of eco-friendly place for testing various tools, and it is also an opportunity to have fun, fresh emotions and relax a little.

Dmitry likes tournaments and long races, because he likes to deal with analysis. For testing new services though, he often takes part in freerolls (free races). By the way, he won his first money — 10,000 TRX — in the tournament, where he took second place.

MOONBEST_SCALPEX advises novice pilots to play and study the digital asset market through the game, since, according to Dmitry, cryptocurrency is the future.

We hope you liked it! Now, we are waiting for you on TO THE MOON Game platform — learn, fly and win!




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