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Strategies of experienced players

Already tried all the available strategies, and yearn for something new? No problem! Today, Aleksandr TTMSPACE_TUSTA will share with us his secrets of how to play and win in the cryptocurrency market races.

To get started, as usual, we need to go to the Binance exchange website and configure the platform so that we have charts of all assets available on TO THE MOON Game platform at hand.

Now, look at the right corner of the tab with currencies to see which coin witnessed the strongest rally (the percentage in green to the right of the asset), and analyze its chart in more detail.

For a short race, a minute timeframe is suitable — on the top panel of the chart, we set the time interval of 1M (that is, one minute). Here you should pay attention to the current dynamics of the asset — if it moves north, you can fill up your spaceship fuel tank with it.

For a ten-minute race, it is better to choose a 5- or even a 15-minute timeframe. Pay attention to the candles — the green candle on the chart indicates the potential rise of the coin, and the red one, on the contrary, indicates a decline.

Aleksandr’s favorite currencies are MATIC and WAVES (well, this is a rather non-standard choice, because these are ‘risky’ coins, since due to their volatility they can either shoot sharply or, on the contrary, drop sharply).

A very clear and simple strategy — as you see, you don’t have to become a financial analyst to play and win in our lunar races. Come and try! By the way, other top players, like Aleksandr, are happy to share their experience, and perhaps you will like some other cool tactics. See you at the race track!



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