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Strategies of experienced players

Played more than ten races, but still can’t take the lead and get the main prize? Or you almost reach your goal, but feel as if something is missing? Take heart! Experienced players will be happy to share their secrets and winning strategies. Let’s welcome Roman Pishchulov aka Xenon Pro (APPLAUSE).

How does Roma analyze the market and compile portfolios for short-run races? Let’s find out right now!

First, go to the website of Binance exchange and select a 1-minute chart there. Then look for such assets that would meet the following conditions: a) it witnesses a bearish trend and b) the last candle is green, thus, we choose a currency with a perspective for further upswing.

Since we select coins for short-run races that last only one minute, it is not very profitable to choose those that are flat (trade without any changes) or have formed a red candle (thus, will continue to fall).

Let’s assume that ZEC marked a green candle on the chart — let’s fill half of the tank with it, and the other one with BTC. Usually, Roman does not diversify his portfolio much, he takes 2–3 cryptocurrencies. Done! Let’s enter the race.

To analyze the flight, go to your profile -> history -> race details. Here you can see which currencies rose and which declined. Moreover, we see how many points a particular asset has gained or lost. In our case, both Roman and his rival, who took 93% ETH and 7% BCH, finished the race in the red zone, that is the market fell. However, Roma’s portfolio dumped less than that of his opponent, which secured XenonPro his victory.

By the way, during the race, it is very useful to monitor quote changes on the site of Binance exchange: surely, we do not have the ability to pilot the ship, but this will allow us to better understand the dynamics of the market and see its main trends.

TO THE MOON platform offers flights with various entrance fees, and if you are just at the beginning of your space odyssey, do not sign up for the most expensive races. Better try out free tournaments, or freerolls, where you don’t have to pay for entry, but you can win real money! This way, you can play without any risks to your wallet. And when you get the feel of the game and become a real professional, go to the big sport. Roman is waiting for you in the arena!



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